Why you should add Apps to your LinkedIn Profile?

Why you should add Apps to

your LinkedIn Profile?

Adding LinkedIn Applications will make your profile stand out more than the average member.
Most members do not take the time to add any Apps to their LinkedIn page. 
I can’t understand Why not. 
It’s super fast and easy. 
It will give your LinkedIn profile some life. 
Let’s be honest, no wants to see a boring LinkedIn profile. 
Don’t overdo it though; remember this is LinkedIn not MySpace. 
You can add some simple but informative Apps like the Amazon Reading List. 
This will let you visitors know what books you are currently reading. 
You can also add Box.net to share word documents or other files with visitors. 
It all depends on you. 
Slideshare and Google Presentation are great options if you have presentation or slide shows. 
If you don’t have any of those things, add a simple app like TripIt. 
TripIt is an app that lets your visitors know what trips you have taken and what trips you plan on taking. Your overall goal is to draw some type of connection with your visitor. 
You want to find a common interest in order to build a deeper connection and relationship with all of your LinkedIn visitors.




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