Believe It! Part 5 – Create Profitable Blog

You Got To Believe It,

Before You can Receive It!!!


Believe It


Believing is the most important process of creating a profitable blog from scratch. 

If you research the success of all great people, they will tell you it begins with your thought process.  Why do you think no matter what book you read about acquiring wealth or becoming rich, you will see a section if not the whole book on your thought process. 


Your Thoughts really are your Power 

They create the beginning stage of belief.


Why Your Thoughts alone will not cut it!

You can think great thoughts all you want, but until you actually believe what you think, that’s all they will be is great thoughts.  Someone once told me your dreams are just goals without deadlines” and that’s so true.


So Kenny? How do I believe in my thoughts when I can?t see the proof yet?


That’s a great question


There are 2 very very very good books I recommend for teaching you how to acquire thoughts of wealth.

The secret- Laws of Attraction and Think and Grow rich by Napoleon Hill.  (I purposely don’t add any affiliate links to neither of those.  I want you to know I’m dead serious about those books and not doing it for an affiliate pay out. Really go read those two books.)  If you are anything like me, you would rather take the easy way and listen.  That’s fine as well.  You can go on YouTube and type in full length video with the names of either one.  You should be able to find the whole movie and book on audio.(I think that’s legal, if not that’s on YouTube. LoL)



Also WRITE down everything you want your blog to accomplish. 

If you noticed, I wrote and placed the Goals I wanted to accomplish for as well as the goals I wanted to accomplish as Kenny Boykin.

WRITE down how much you want to make. 

WRITE down what you are going to give to make that. 

For example I wrote down the amount of time I will invest a week until I accomplish my Goals. 

Lastly WRITE down the date you want to accomplish that Goal. 

Say these every day!  No really Say them every day!



For me it worked to say them with my eyes closed.  I visualized each thing I wrote down as I said them.  If you want to make $15,000 a month, don’t just say it. Visualize seeing $15,000 dollar checks with your name on them.  If you say you are going to give 30 hours a week.  Visualize the things you will be getting accomplished in those 30 hours to accomplish your goal.  Just throwing a random amount of time is not good enough.  You have to make sure you are programming yourself to be productive during the time you set aside.


The more you tell yourself (by repeating everyday) and the more you visualize what you want, the more your mind will wrap around these things and give you what truly want.  It’s so powerful it’s scary.

Not even knowing it, you will begin to inline yourself in the right places to receive all of these things you truly desire.


The visualization part is the powering of belief.

When you visualize something over and over and over again you begin to feel it.  You can start feeling these things in your visualization.  You feel the texture of that check, you feel the wind blowing from driving that new car, you feel the joy of seeing 20,000 visitors, etc.  The more you feel it, the more it finds a way to come true.  That’s why it’s important to only think positive.  The same thing can happen with those negative thoughts.  You can inline yourself for failure.


When you are visualizing how you want your blog to look, also visualize yourself doing the things you need to get to those results.


For example

When I was visualizing setting up I would visualize how I wanted my top, footer, or sidebar to look.  I would then visualize ways to get it that way.  If it was something I didn’t know how to do.  I visualized Google’n it and finding the answer. 

What’s so crazy Yal. 
This Worked. 
I forced my mind to believe.


For people saying this don’t work are those people who never believed nor let themselves believe in what was already there just waiting on them to come get it.


Thoughts Truly are Powerful.


For those who believe in the Bible, it talks about the outward things that come to pass from what a man thinks in his heart.  No matter what you believe in, you will see this concept across the board in many religions.  For some it’s all about extreme meditation, others it’s becoming one with the earth, even some scientist who don’t believe in a God believe in the attraction of positive and negative energies.


It’s out there for you, Go get it!!!


Kenny’s Honorable Mention

BlueHost– My number 1 recommendation for starting a blog.

Think and Grow Rich– A great book for teaching you how to train your thoughts

The Secret- Laws of Attraction– The best source for teaching you the power of belief.

Write down your plans– An important part of convincing your brain.

Visualize your plans– In line your thoughts with the laws of attraction of the universe.

Believe your plans– The most important part of building a profitable blog from scratch.

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