Biking the Beltline


Biking the Atlanta Belt line

beltline bike


If you do not own a bicycle,

No worries

You can rent a bicycle from multiple shops down there on the Atlanta Beltline.

My family and I rented bicycles from a place called Atlanta Bicycle Barn.

The address is located on Sampson St NE, Atlanta, Ga



atl bicycle barn


Great Prices

Friendly Staff



Quick Service.

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Kid friendly

The Atlanta Beltline is a great place to bring the kids.  It was children of all ages here.  


Great views

I saw some of the best views in the city of Atlanta.  From certain parts of the Beltline, you could see streamline views of Atlanta


Very nice street art

belt line 2
belt 10
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belt 8
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If you are hungry,

you can pop right over to Ponce City Market, which is located there on the belt line.    


belt 7


I will have a post coming soon highlighting everything to do at Ponce City Market, for those who are not familiar.

Once in the market you will have many different restaurants to choose from.

I would suggest to keep it light if anything.  

Remember you are biking