Blog Traffic Tips ~ Do Your Research!

Blog Traffic Tips


Do Your Research!!!

When it comes to getting more traffic to your websites and blogs,

Research is key!

You definitely want to make sure you are getting your content in front of as many people as possible.

No Crowd..

No Views…

There are many different research tools you can used to view the topics your niches are interested in.
I always like to go with topics that aren’t over populated with promoters, but at the same time not under searched. I’ve found these are the areas I receive the most traffic.
Doing your research will save you a Ton of Time and Money!
This was one of the biggest mistakes I made in the beginning. I was building pages with no Crowd. Dont make the same mistake I made.

Do Your Research!!!


Kenny’s Honorable Mention

Blog Traffic Tips ~ It’s a TRAFFIC Jam!A page I created to provide you with multiple ways to get traffic to your Blog!

Start A Blog That MattersThe #1 Tool for building a profitable blog.  The guide provides detailed instructions from Start to Finish. 
Blue HostBy far the best place to setup and Host a Blog.


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