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Blogging about the things we go through in everyday life. This covers all aspects of life, family, relationship, love, hate, current events,etc. If it happens in life It will be blogged about here.

Hello Everyone!!!! Im Back!!!!

 I know it’s been a while but I am back to blogging. I’ve had so much going on with outside marketing, Atlanta’s Real estate industry, and my new buddle of joy only 2 months old. That’s right my baby boy I have a few different series coming to you…    -More social media tips – Inspirational […]

Atlanta Clinic!!! No Insurance, No Legal Paperwork, No Problem!!!

Atlanta Clinic!!! No Insurance, No Legal Paperwork, No Problem!!!   If you need or know of anyone who needs medical treatment in Atlanta please contact me.   Car accident   Check up   Physical   Foot Specialist   EVERYTHING   All languages are provided.  Physicians speak all languages!!!   Please Contact me at 404-798-9662 Kenny […]

Atlanta Apartments

   Atlanta Apartments   Are you looking for a great place to live in Atlanta?   Be careful and always do your research first.   You can find many great apartments in Atlanta but what is the area like?   What is the crime like?   What is the school system like?   One other […]

Your Journey Is Different!

Your Journey is different!!!   We cannot compare someone’s journey with our own.   We sometimes get mad at the world and even God for not having everything some else has.   Who Knows   Maybe you are meant to have more!!!   Focus on what you have and work for what you want.   […]

How to Make Money on EBay

It has become harder to sell and make money on EBay, so many are saying!   Reasons Why   Many of the drop shippers, who sell you products, also sell these same products on eBay. The sell the product for the same price to ebayers and sometimes even cheaper.   No Fear   You’re Options […]

Need A Job???

Need A Job???     Don’t be fooled into believing you can’t find a job.  There are more jobs out there than you think. I know many people are also looking for part time and work from Home Jobs.   Simply type in the search box and apply for whatever jobs you think would best […]

Work With Kenny Boykin!

 Work With Kenny Boykin   Social media has become one of the most important factors of your business and can make the difference between loses, breaking even, remaining stagnant or skyrocketing your business to new heights!  Social media helps you to build a stronger and larger business. It allows you to connect personally with your fans, customers […]

9 Best Fashion Blogs for Women!

9 Best Fashion Blogs for Woman   1.    ShoeBlog- Lawd Have Mercy.  I know how yal women are about yal shoes.  You can never have too many!   2.    The Bag Blog- A blog all about purses, pocket books, bags & what have you.  You gotta have the right bag, purse, or pocket book to […]

Cool Soccer Celebrations

Cool Soccer Celebrations Stjarnan F.C. – Best Celebrations   Kenny’s Honorable Mentioned Randy Morehead– Best Little League Soccer Coach/Dad Ja’Cole Williams– #1 Soccer Mom/Coach/Cheerleader.  Also a Big Congrats on starting your Masters Program.   10 Great Soccer Blogs TheSoccer-Blog Pitchinvasion 101GreatGoals Theoriginalwinger SoccerLens SoccerTicketsOnline Kickette SoccerNetLive ConstantlyOffside Wearearsenalblog