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Blogging about the things we go through in everyday life. This covers all aspects of life, family, relationship, love, hate, current events,etc. If it happens in life It will be blogged about here.

Tips for Men

Tips For Men   ~ This is a Man’s  World ~ This section is geared toward One Thing!  Making you an even Better Man.   And some Entertainment too! Wait Wait Wait..  Not that type LOL But What is a Man Cave without some Sports Talk,  Women Talk, and Day to Day things we men  go through.   I […]

Tips for Women

  ~ Tips for Woman ~    God’s Greatest Creation!!!     Women     YOU Are Awesome!!! YOU Are Special!!!   YOU Are Beautiful!!!     YOU are Really One of a KIND!!!     And I Truly Mean It!   It?s important to hear those words.  Knowing and Hearing are two totally different things.   I have […]