Fact of Fiction ~ Your thoughts on Big Foot

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Fact of Fiction ~ Your thoughts on Big Foot

I have to be honest,
I believe Big foot is real.
I believe it’s a prehistoric creature that managed to adapt and stay around.  I honestly think if it was just a fake scam, it would not have lasted this long.
The myth of big foot goes all the way back to native American folklore.
The only thing that puzzles me is a body not being found in the woods, but then again how many people run across a bear carcass in the wood.  It was also thought that they bury their dead. 
So far no hardcore evidence has been provided to insure that this creature is real. 
I do love the shows on the history channel. 
But again it does puzzle me a little bit about the lack of evidence to prove this creature is real.  You have the best bigfoot trackers, tracking big foot for years and nothing.  Well I’m curious on your thoughts…