11 Great First Date Tips Men Should Focus On!


11 Great First Date Tips


You should Focus On


First Date Tip #1


An intro compliment is always a great Icebreaker. 
“Wow you look amazing”.

If she gives you an intro smile “Wow you have a great smile”.  That?s always a good one.  She will smile the rest of the date because you noticed how great it was in the beginning. 

First Date Tip #2

Make it about Her

Be careful with over self promotion.  Don’t worry about trying to convey how great you are.  You will get your chance.  She will want to know what you have to offer.  So ask plenty of questions that will let her talk about herself.  Women love a man who can listen.  Most of all it gives her a chance to do some talking.  Key factor is to take an interest in something she gets excited about and focus around that.  Don’t be to fake or she will spot it out.  The more she talks, the more she feels comfortable.

First Date Tip #3

Time to find some common ground

It’s important for you to genuinely find something you both like.  This will make the date even better.  Ask about her hobbies, interest, job, things to eat, places to hang out, all of those type of things.  You can even ask “what are some huge turn offs”, that way you will already be 2 steps ahead.

First Date Tip #4

Don’t Be Over Serious

Have a great time.  Don’t think so much on trying to impress her.  Look for things that will make her smile or even laugh.  A woman loves a man who can make her laugh or smile but don’t over do it by being a corn ball.

First Date Tip #5


Show your ambition

Now it’s time to show what you are about!  Don’t focus so much on what you are doing now but put more attention on your Goals and Dreams.  Talk about them with some passion.  This will pull her into your dreams and goals.  A woman love a man who wants more no matter what he has at the present time.  If she seems interested, that?s a really great sign.  A key factor is to keep it short.  Leave some mystery; turn the conversation back to her.  You can ask “What are some of your Goals and Dreams”

First Date Tip #6

Your Chance to Talk

You broke the Ice,  you let her talk,  you showed some ambition and now you have her interested.  It’s time for you to do some talking.  Be yourself.  Talk about some of your interest and things you like to do.

First Date Tip #7

Stay Away from Sex Talk

Sex Talk to early when send any chick running.  Feel the vibe.  If she brings it up then it’s cool but don’t be over interested. Play it Cool

First Date Tip #8

Prepare your exit

Start letting her know how great of a time you had.  Compliment a factor of place you are at for the date.  You can say things like “Man this was a great park”  “The food was excellent”
This will start putting the focus on the ending in her mind.  It will give her a chance to decide in her mind how she wants to end the date. 

First Date Tip #9

Take the Check

Come on Now.  Do I even need to say more!

First Date Tip #10

Drop Hints for a Second Date

You can say things like “Next time well have to order?? ?Next time we have to sit closer to?.?
Adding words like next time is a very good way to do it.

First Date Tip #11

Perfect Ending

Follow her lead.  This doesn’t mean let her make the first move but don’t blow a great date at the end.  If she is maybe interested in a kiss, her eye contact will be very heavy and might even glance at your lips a couple of times.  People can hide their words but the body language is a totally different thing.  A good trick to that is what I call the love triangle.  Look at one eye then the other and last her lips.  If she is still giving you real heavy eye contact, it might be a strong indication she is wanting you to kiss her.  If she breaks and looks away, it could mean a couple of things.  Either she is shy about the fact of kissing or she is not ready.  Pay close attention to her body language.  

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