Foods that make you more attractive!!!


Foods that make you more attractive!!!

On this post, you will have the section for men and women.  I am no doctor, so this post is only from my research for yal legal people.

By Rule

Ladies First

Foods that you make you more attractive.  (Women)

This is not in any order!

  1. Green Tea – Will help blast away belly fat.
  2. Kiwi – Slows down the aging process. It helps with keeping firm elastic skin.
  3. Green Beans – It has a ton of silicon. It will make your hair look better.  (Thicker and Stronger)
  4. Potatoes – This helps with bloating.
  5. Most Berries – Will help delay the aging process.
  6. Chocolate – Increase your mood. It increase you serotonin which lower stress and also boost desire.
  7. Watercress – Known to give you flawless skin
  8. Salmon – Raises Dopamine levels. Makes you more relaxed and helps trigger arousal.
  9. Apples – Known to take away stains on your teeth.
  1. Catuaba – A Brazilian aphrodisiac
  1. Pumpkin Seeds – Known to take away all of those ugly face dots.
  1. Eggs – Known to burn fat.
  1. Spinach – Said to make your eyes whiter!
  1. Shitake Mushrooms – Is said to have twice the effect as eggs
  1. Flaxseed – Will help with skin hydration. It will keep your skin soft and smooth.
  2. Red Cabbage – Also helps keeping your skin looking smooth.


17.  Yogurt – Helps to fade the dark circles around your eyes.

18. Beets – Helps break down fats.

19. Water – It will slim you down.

20. Cinnamon – Helps your body smell better.

21. Asparagus – Helps keep your skin glowing.

22. Nuts and seeds – Good for hair, nails, and skin.

23.  Soybeans – Great for skin.


Now fellas it’s your turn.  Also check out what works for women, a lot is the same for you.


Foods that make men more attractive


  1. Celery – It release androstenone and androstanol, which allows pheromones to boost your arousal.

This will cause your body to send off scents and signals that will make you more desirable to women.

Most of the time the pheromones are released instantaneously.

  1. Watermelon – Known for a long time to be a key to prevent erectile dysfunction. It produce arginine that circulates the blood.


  1. Red Cabbage – Helps keep your skin looking smooth.


  1. Parsnips – Are packed with androstanol, which releases pheromones.


  1. Beets – Helps break down fats.


  1. Coffee – (About 3 Cups) is said to keep you from suffering from erectile dysfunction. But too much caffeine is not good for you.  It is known to release blood flow to your penis.  I guess a coffee date is not a bad idea after all.


  1. Potatoes – Helps with bloating. It also helps with the circulation in areas that are needed in the bedroom.


  1. Catuaba – A Brazilian aphrodisiac.


  1. Eggs – Burns fat and boost erections.


  1. Spinach – It’s a reason Popeye love this. It increase blood flow in your private parts.  It’s also good to help prevent age based sexual dysfunctions.  Not to mention it can increase arousal.


  1. Maca- Known to increase sexual stamina and endurance.


  1. Ginger – Will increase blood flow.


  1. Grapeseed oil – Know as a skin softener. Helps reduce wrinkles in skin.


  1. Pomegranate – Said to help increase long term erection responses.


  1. Shitake Mushrooms – It’s double the effect of eggs.


  1. Green Tea – Helps blast away belly fat.


  1. Guava – Helps with all of the bad things out there that make you look old.


  1. Oats – Said to help you last longer in bed.


  1. Chocolate – Increase your mood. Increases your serotonin which lower stress and boost desire.


  1. Cherries – Very good for cleaning your arteries. This is good to keep everything flowing right.


  1. Salman – This raises dopamine which makes you more relaxed and triggers arousal.