How to get more Facebook post likes!!!

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How to get more Facebook Post Likes!!!
One simple technique can help you get more Facebook post likes!
But first why is more Facebook post likes important?
You may not know….
but social media attention or likes with your website links are very good for search engines.
So what do you mean Kenny?
Well great question, Im glad you asked.
For Example
More Facebook likes with your blog link attached will help you rank higher in the Bing search engine.
More Google plus pluses will help you rank higher in Google.
More Pinterest Pins will help you rank higher in Google and Bing.
More Tweets will help with Google and Bing.
More social bookmarking pluses, likes, etc will help with all search engines.
Ok Ok Ok Kenny, so how can I get more likes on Facebook Post?
Its simple
Place your facebook postings in multiple places.  
Facebook gives you the option to share your individual post.  
Go to the Share option
Click Embed (the drop down on the right side)
Copy and paste the code
Now embed your post in multiple places..
Here is an example of what the embed will look like on your blog posting...



(You can say something like…Click here to like post on Facebook)

Post by Kendrick Boykin.

From This post, people can click the Like Button on your Facebook post.
Part Two- Getting More Facebook Post Likes coming soon!!!
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