Goals For KennyBoykin.com

Goals for KennyBoykin.com
Kenny Boykin



Help 1000 people Create A Profitable Blog From Scratch.

Keyword is profitable.  Not just a Blog.  Profit don’t mean 100,000’s but at least some type of profit. ~


~ For Comment Sections to become local hangouts for you and other great forward progress thinkers. ~


 ~ For Kenny Boykin.com to Positively Impact your life by helping you become more inspired and improve your finances. ~


~ For KennyBoykin.com be a place for you to come get Daily Inspiration, Laughter, and Education. ~


~  To Be a True Source of Inspiration ~


~ For you to get to know, grow with, follow, and Love KennyBoykin.com ~


~ Build connections with all of the Readers and Subscribers of KennyBoykin.com, through comments and connecting also through Social Media Networks. ~

Kenny Boykin
~ 10, 000 Subscribers to KennyBoykin.com
~ 25, 000 Pinterest Followers
~ 100,000 Twitter Followers
~ 100,000 Instagram Followers
~100,000,000 Triberr Reach (Yes 100 Million)
Current Stats
~ 0 Subscribers – LOL I havent Launched Yet LOL
~ 7,500 Pinterest Followers
~ 51,000 Twitter Followers
~ 52,000 Instagram Followers
~ 9,000,000 Triberr Reach
Here is Where you can help. 
You can Follow me…Lol
Also if you would like to keep up with the progress, I will be doing monthly reports of the Social Media Status Updates. So stay tunned in.
POSITIVE!!! Thoughts followed by
POSITIVE!!! Actions accompanied by
POSITIVE!!! Feelings can equal nothing but
POSITIVE!!! Results.
~Kenny Boykin ~