Guest Post ~ Double Your Facebook Likes ~ James Grandstaff ~

Double Your

Facebook Likes


The whole point of creating a Facebook Page for 

your business is to build a fan base of people 

interested in your product or service, right?


Facebook Pages are a great tool for interacting 

with your fans on a regular basis and for them to 

discover whether or not your product or service 

is right for them.


But to build a HUGE fan base you need people 

clicking the all mighty “LIKE” button. Yep, the 

tiny little button sitting at the top of 

your page. 🙂


Gone are the days of “Become a fan.” Today, it’s 

all about the “LIKES” and YOU WANT THEM (a 

lot of them!)


Because without them… you have ZERO reach. If 

you have zero reach, you make ZERO dollars.


And this is where most Page Admins fall flat on 

their face.


Let me explain…


Have you ever visited a Facebook Page for a 

business, only to land on their “Wall” where you 

see the comments and status updates?


If so, did it make you want to “LIKE” the page?


Probably not.


Allowing your visitors to land on your “Wall” is 

the #1 mistake Page Admins are making all across 



But it doesn’t have to be this way…


Because as a Page Admin, you have the ability to 

create a custom landing page AND set this page 

as your “Default Landing Tab” for your Page.


You’ll first need to install an iFrame application 

into your page (which is beyond the scope of this 

post unfortunately.)

This will allow you to create a custom tab on your Page.


Once you have your custom tab, you will want to 

create some type of “offer” along with a “call to 

action” to entice people to “LIKE” your page.


An example offer would be something like this:


“Click Like Above To Get Access To _______”


It’s proven that you will get more “Likes” just by 

making this one small change to your Facebook 



Good luck!


– James Grandstaff


James Grandstaff is an Internet Entrepreneur 

and all around good guy. To find out how he got 

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