Instagram Tips ~ Best times and days to post on Instagram

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Instagram Tips ~ Best Days and Times to Post

This is going to be a very short and simple post.
I have been receiving a lot of questions about the best days and times to post on Instagram.
From my research as well as testing times and days on my own, I have found Thursdays and Sundays to be the best days to post.
Surprisingly the best times to post are doing business hours.  I would think after work but Nope!!!
In the mornings between 7-9am, lunch times between 12-2pm and right when people are getting off work from 5-7pm.   Keep in mind this will also depend on the time zones.
Saturdays from 11-2 is also another great time.
I have found Sundays to have the most interactions, meaning more comments on the pictures. 

Stay tuned for more Instagram Tips!!!!!!!!!

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