More Instagram Tips ~ Getting More Likes

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More Instagram Tips ~ Get more likes

Here is a quick and simple tip to get more Instagram likes.
If you are wanting to bring more traffic to your Instagram page then post what people are already liked.
If you see pictures that are getting a lot of attention and likes on Instagram, repost that picture.
Repost the picture and add RP @ (who ever )you “borrowed” the picture from.
Most of the time, the owner will like that fact that you gave them credit and not be upset about you using the picture.
This picture will now get likes on your page and also allow other Instagramers to check out your other pictures.
If you are using multiple popular pictures, be sure to slip a few of yours in between the popular pictures.
The more viral pictures you have, the more people will keep coming back to your page.
Be sure to respond to all comments left on each picture.
Stay tuned for more Instagram Tips!!!!