How to keep your pregnant woman happy?

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How to keep your pregnant woman happy

1st She is always right

2nd She is always right

3rd She is always right

4th She is always right

I think you get it

Don’t take it personal – Her hormones are all over the place, so be mindful, compassionate, and forgiving.

Compliments – Her body is going through some serious changes so shower her with compliments.

Feed me Semore – Get her whatever she wants to eat, no matter what it is.

When Clingy – Give her love

When Cranky – Give her space

Love on Her

Talk about the future baby

Be involved in the process

Love Her

Rub her down as much as possible

Let her vent – Don’t argue back

She is always right

And again compliment her

Research the different stages of the pregnancy and let her know you are involved.