Kenny’s Entertainment ~ Mayweather and T.I. Fight! The Power of Women

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Kenny’s Entertainment ~ Mayweather and T.I Fight!!! The power of Women


Where else other than Vegas!

Early Sunday morning on the Las Vegas strip, Mayweather and TI had an altercation.

From all of the reports, they are saying it has been tension between the two over T.I’s wife Tiny.


To sum it all up. 


Mayweather called Tiny, TI’s wife a bitch which caused TI to get anger.  Very angry… You know you have to be pretty pissed off to try and fight one of the best boxers of all times.


TI’s remark to Floyd ~ “You do it in the ring, I do it in the streets,”


A lot of rumors did fly.


One was stated TI punched Floyd, while other rumors stated Floyd gave T.I two black eyes.


T.I responded with Instagram pictures showing a clear face, while Floyd responded with an apology to T.I’s wife Tiny.



He stated they have always been cool and should not have called her a bitch but didn’t say much about his and T.I’s beef.


A very interesting series of events.  Let me know what you think.