“We Hurt People that Love Us, and Love People that Hurt Us”

“We Hurt People that Love Us, 

and Love People that Hurt Us”

Strong words by Kendrick Lamar.  A Very True Statement!


Because we are attracted to the type of thoughts we dwell on, type of actions we make, or people we surround ourselves around.

So Yes it is very True…Good people can attract Bad things into their lives.  (People with Bad intentions)

Let’s face the facts Ladies and Gentleman.  Many times when the majority of your friends or people you spend most of your time with are loose (fast)(easy), you will be attracted to the same type of mate and not even know it.

This is one of the powers of attraction.  This is not for all cases but many!

I’ll break it down a little more for you.

When we think negative, we are attracted to negative things.  More gossip, More arguments, More fights, over all More Mess.  We don’t have to tell our minds anything, it just happens.  Think about when you are in a positive or good mood, that same gossip, argument, mess is less appealing.  We do not like to argue or fight when we are in a good Mood.  Think about It.

Thats because positive moods and feelings are attracted to positive actions.

More On Attraction

Our minds are attracted to the type of things we feed it. So if you feed your mind junk, such as negative conversations with your friends or TV shows that always have the guy or girl cheating, more conversations about unfaithful people, men are dogs, women are gold diggers, etc, you begin to manifest these things in your mind.  The more and more you talk and think about negative things, the more your mind begin to turn these things into reality. 

For Example

When you start off having a bad day, you tend to have a bad day the WHOLE DAY.  One bad thing happens and you tell yourself over and over again this is going to be a bad day.  Before you know it, your wish has come true.  Be careful what you tell yourself and focus your mind around. 

Thoughts truly are Powerful.

Now More on Attracting Negative People into your life

They say birds of a feather flock together.  Very True.  I mean don’t get me wrong this is not for every case but in many.  In some cases the Bird (person) use to be apart of that flock (easy) but has changed. 
But if ALL of his or her friends are a certain way, it’s a good chance they are the same way and hiding it or use to be that same type of person.  Once again this is not always just a strong chance.

So if everyone you hang around is fast or cheating or negative or abusive or whatever negative you can think.  And the majority of the stuff you feed your mind is negative.  What do you Honestly think you will be attracted to (without even knowing).  See you don’t have to tell your mind what to be attracted to, it focuses on whatever you talk or think about most.  

Also our actions play a huge part in all of that as well.   
If you are doing dirt, no matter how secretly it is, that same type of dirt will be attracted to you.  Some Call it Karma.

The sad thing is good people can attract Bad things. 
You can be doing the right thing and still attract the same types of negative things in your Life.

Controlling what we feed ourselves, our conversations, people we hang around and paying close attention to what we allow our minds to focus on can HELP Big Time. 

The first thing they tell someone who is getting out of jail, or leaving rehab, or trying to do better is to distance themselves from all of those past bad habits and people encouraging them.  That is for a reason.

So Set yourself up for success and distance yourself from anything negative or anything that will hold you back.

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