Make More Money with your affiliate products!!!

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Make More Money with your affiliates!!!
How to make more money with your affiliates?
It’s Simple ~ More Affiliate Post
It generally takes a person 5-7 times to see a product before they decide to purchase.
So why do you think one mention is enough?
This is one reason autoresponders are so important.
It gives you a chance to keep your affiliate products in front of your visitors.
You can set up automatic emails to be sent out weekly, bi weekly, once a month, how every you choose.
Another great suggestion would be to make multiple affiliate post about whatever products you promote on your blog.
One post can be about why that product could benefit your visitors.
A part 2 post could be a tutorial on how to use that product.
Part 3 could be a post on the results the product brings you or other people.
Personal product testimonials are great.
I have had better results from personal testimonies. 
For example
I always post and give my personal testimony for using BlueHost when building a blog.
Even though I promote GoDaddy another great service to build blogs just as much, more people gravitate toward BlueHost because of my personal experience with the product.
The overall goal is to mention the product as much as possible in multiple places.
But be careful not to over do it to where it is taken as spam.
Recap ~ To make more affiliate money
~ More affiliate post
~ Use autoresponders to send weekly emails
~Use personal testomonials