How to Make Money on EBay

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It has become harder to sell and make money on EBay, so many are saying!
Reasons Why
Many of the drop shippers, who sell you products, also sell these same products on eBay.
The sell the product for the same price to ebayers and sometimes even cheaper.
No Fear
You’re Options
You can either find wholesalers who will sell you the product cheaper if you agree to buy them in bulk.
You can also partner with people from Tradeshows, flea markets, mom and pop stores, etc
The reason these sources are great.
A lot of these products are one of a kind and cheap.
Do your research
Research is Key
Never put a product out there before you do your research.
Many times if not the same product, it will be one that is similar already on eBay.
This will let you know how much to spend on the product as well as how much to sell it for.
You also can research how many of the items are being sold to give you an idea of how popular the items are.
Your profile picture is everything.
The picture is what will sell your product.  You want to paint the image for the buyer.

Be Creative

Feedback Feedback Feedback

The second thing you look at is the feedback score.
Even if it’s a great product, you would be hesitate to purchase if the feedback score was bad.
And so will your viewers

Be sure to effectively communicate with everyone who ask a question or purchases the product.
Where to find products

Cheap Drop shippers
Thrift Stores
Flea Markets
Trade Shows
Garage Sales
Estate Sales
Handmade crafts
Hot times to sell

Holidays are great.
Oct-Jan is the best months to sell on eBay.  Most people will make more in these months than all of the other months combined.
Again do your research