23 Ways To Add More Pinterest Followers Fast!

Tips for More
Pinterest Followers
23 Ways To Add More
Pinterest Followers Fast!
More Pinterest Followers Tip #1
Use Pinterest Daily 
Dedicate a small time frame each day to use Pinterest.
Pin often as possible without over pinning. 
More Pinterest Followers Tip #2

Follow People with Small followings 

They will be quicker to follow you back.  This seems to work well. 
Well for me at least. 
More Pinterest Followers Tip #3

Controversial Pins can create lots of Pinterest followers 

But be very careful, you can lose followers just as fast as you gain them.
More Pinterest Followers Tip #4

Post Pictures that are appealing and popular among Pinterest Users 

Sports Pictures and Videos
New Recipes
Health Related Posting
Women’s Fashion
More Pinterest Followers Tip #5

Connecting Pinterest with Facebook and Twitter 

Since they are already friends with you on Facebook, It’s almost a definite they will also follow you on Pinterest.
This might be the fastest way to get more followers.
More Pinterest Followers Tip #6

Follow others 

It’s almost the same as the Twitter effect. 
When you follow others, they almost feel obligated to follow you back. 
More Pinterest Followers Tip #7

Use Hash tags 

Like Instagram and Twitter Hash tags are a good way to get more followers
Hash tags helps others find your content and Pins.
As you would with Facebook or Twitter, use the @ symbol when commenting. 
Example @Kenny Boykin that is a great website 
This is a sure way to attract the person you are commenting on. 
More Pinterest Followers Tip #8

Post Pictures that are Popular Searches 

Top Keyword searches
More Pinterest Followers Tip #9

Do Keyword Research on Pinterest 

Search pins that are in your area or niche and see what titles and keywords are being used.
More Pinterest Followers Tip #10

Post current popular Subjects 

Reality TV shows
Popular TV shows
Current Events 
Funny YouTube Videos 
These pins have more potential of going Viral 
Pin whats Trendy 
More Pinterest Followers Tip #11


People love compliments.
Others will notice those that comment a lot. 
Comment on popular Postings
Remember to use the @ symbol if you are directing your comment to a specific person. 
More Pinterest Followers Tip #12

Add Pin Buttons to your website and Blogs 

This is a great way to funnel visitors from your websites and blogs to your Pinterest Account, from which you will funnel back to your websites or Blogs.
More Pinterest Followers Tip #13

Create boards around your Popular WebPages and blog post 

Creates visual images for readers and content for viewers. 
More Pinterest Followers Tip #14

Come up with creative-attractive board names 

Make the viewer want to click and see what the pin board has to offer 
If the name does not attract them, why would they click on it? 
More Pinterest Followers Tip #15

Exchange Pins with other website and blog owners 

More Pinterest Followers Tip #16

Have a variety of Boards 

You can reach many different people
Have a Board for:
Your niche
Your Hobby
Favorite Sports Team
More Pinterest Followers Tip #17

Add Follow Me On Pinterest Buttons

This will allow visitors to your websites or blogs to follow you directly from your website.
More Pinterest Followers Tip #18

Feature new News 

Be the first to mention a NEW news
It’s nothing like New news that excites people.
More Pinterest Followers Tip #19

Make Tutorial Boards 

Most tutorial sites receive a lot of traffic. 
People like step by step instructions. 
More Pinterest Followers Tip 20

Inspirational pictures and Quotes 

Inspirational Pictures and Quotes receive a lot of Repins and Followers. 
More Pinterest Followers Tip #21

The quality of your picture is very important 

Bad quality pictures will get passed over, where as good looking pictures will get the views and repins.
More Pinterest Followers Tip #22

More Boards, More Pins, More Pinterest Followers 

Without Spamming of Course 
The more content, the better the chance some will find your pin in a search or see it repined.
More Pinterest Followers Tip #23

Pin Pictures you are excited about 

If you’re not excited about your pictures, chances are neither will your viewers.

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