Parking It! Part 2 – Create Profitable Blog

Parking It


Free Parking


Just like in life, there are some great places to park and there are some not so good places to Park.

You are not going to park your Brand new Maserati in the Projects (not downing, just an example), so neither should you Park your Blog just anywhere.


Dude Where’s My Car


Would you park your car in a lot that say “You can park here for Free, but while its here I own it. 

Also if I decide to close down my lot, you will lose your car, or

if I decide to put some ads up, I might slap a few of them on your windows but no worries its

Free To Park Here.”

Keep that in mind when you are thinking about these free places to host your Blog. 

Hosting is very very important.


I did a ton, I mean a ton of hosting research and I will say I hands down recommend BlueHost

They are my favorite.  I’m not just saying that.  This blog is hosted and powered by BlueHost

But what sold me was the one click WordPress setup?

I was like you mean I don?t have to go through all of that manual setting up B.S. yessssssssss. 

I really like these BlueHost people.  The step by step instructions, the tutorial videos I played a million times, the live customer service, the easy setup, did I mention the one click WordPress set up, I mean the list just keep going and going.


If you are truly trying to build a profitable blog and treat it as a business, you will have to invest in it.  Please do not get free Hosting.  Even if you do not decide to go with BlueHost and chose someone else,

I highly recommend hosting your blog. 


Well the Parking Section is Short and Sweet- HOST YOUR BLOG


Kenny’s Honorable Mention

Hosting is one of the Most Important decisions you will make reguarding to your blog.

BlueHost– My opinion the best place to Host a Blog

Treating your Blog like a Business– If you want business results, you need to treat as a business.



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