Pokémon Go Tips- Move to next levels fast!!!


Pokemon Tips

Pokémon Go Tips- Move to next levels fast!!!



1. Go to Parks – You will find a lot of Pokemon in the parks.
The best types of parks are the ones that have lakes and ponds. Really any type of body of water will work.

2. High Populated Areas – This is really good, such as places like a downtown or parts of the city that’s high populated.

3. Search at night – Please be safe going out at night. No need to risk your life for Pokémon.

4. Search in groups – When a Pokémon is visible, it will be visible for everyone. That means group efforts will pay off big time.

5. Don’t forget about your radar- Your avatar have a small pulse ring that serves as your radar in the game.

6. Sit still when it says zero steps – This means that the Pokémon is close. If you sit still for a little bit, your radar will bring it out of hiding.

7. Parking Lots- Parking lots are the best places to catch Pokémon quickly.

8. Incense – Use Incense to bring Pokémon to you. This will draw them near your location.

9. Keep Pokémon Go up and running- If you’re gone, its sill constantly running. This will increase your chances of encountering Pokémon.

10. Use the Cure Model – You find this at Pokémon Stops.

The Cure model is a very strong incense.

11. Drop lures at store, movie theaters, and restaurants – Pokémon will be interested within 5 mins.

12. Drive By –
Be Safe. Let someone else drive. Never drive and try to catch Pokémon

13. Lucky eggs – are the best for evolving.

14. Don’t evolve too soon – Wait until you go to higher levels to start evolving

15. Hatch your eggs – The easiest way is to walk around in circles.

16. Battle –
In any battle the very first thing you need to do is dodge. You can swipe left or right at the very beginning of the battle.

17. Battle –
Very Simple – Match up the opponent with the opposing strength.
Electric – Ground
Fire – Water

18. Use the weather –
Your climate will determine the types of Pokémon that will be out and about.