Share It! Part 6 – Create Profitable Blog

Show Your Stuff

Share It


It’s important you share your content to as many people as possible.  More People = More Views = More Money 

You can use many different resources to share your content.  In my Blog Traffic Section I have a ton of tips and resources for you. 


Sharing is Caring


Social Media Networks are great sources to get your content to the masses. 

Everybody is using social media now days.  Even my Mamma got a Facebook Page that she updates every day.


In the past it was 6 degrees of separation from anyone in the world.  Because of Social Media that number is only something like 4.7



If you use WordPress, there are a ton of free social sharing plugins.      



I have countless sections and information for you on Social Media Domination. 

Facebook Domination!

Twitter Domination!

Instagram Domination!

Pinterest Domination!

LinkedIn Domination!



Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging will get your name out there more.


Word of mouth is really good!


People are nosy by nature.  If they hear something, they want to go check it out.


If you need more help with blog traffic, I have a whole section Blog Traffic Tips – Its a Traffic Jam!

Remember, it’s always good to have a great start.


Kenny’s Honorable Mentions

BlueHost#1 Tool to Start A Blog

Social Domination Section– A place to find social media domination.

Guest Blogging– A great way to get your name out.

Word of Mouth– Forces people to see what your blog is really about.

Focusing on the Launch of your Blog– Make sure you have a great start.


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