Tools for Instant Results!

Tools for Instant Results!

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Social Media

HootsuiteAlso known as the Ghost of Kenny Boykin.  I am very active on Social Medias, constantly updating and posting, but when Im not available, I use Hootsuite.

Hootsuite is a Social Media Auto Poster with many great features.  You schedule your Updates and It will do the rest.  You can use it to post on Facebook, Facebook pages, Google Plus Pages, Linkedin, Linkedin Groups, Twitter, etc.  I think you get the point.

SocialOomphAnother great Social Media Auto Poster.  The great thing about SocialOomph, is the ability to reuse the list of updates you make.  You can have it set to run however you want.  Super good for auto-postings. 

IFTTTA great Free Social Media Tool.  A Simple concept, so its not hard to use.  You post in one place and it will automaticly post in the other place you tell.  For example if you set up your recipe to post a picture on instagram then auto post that on Facebook. Another example, If you Post on LinkedIn tell your Recipe to auto post that same message to your Blog.  There are many different Recipes you can set up.  

BufferAnother great Free tool.  When you Buffer an update, it will post at the best possible time.  Buffer supports social media networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.



WordPress Hands down #1 Source for blogging platform.  Its Very easy to use and set up.  When you set up your Blog with BlueHost, you can use the one click WordPress setup option.  Super Fast (How to Build A Profitable Blog from Scratch)

BlueHost I love BlueHost.  Throughout this blog you will see me promoting BlueHost.  The One click wordpress option is awesome.  This very Blog is powered by BlueHost.

Start  A Blog that MattersThis was one of the main driving forces of inspiration while building this Blog. 

It really does put things in Simple terms for you.  Now I see why so many Big Time Bloggers recommend Start A Blog that Matters


Places to register to become an affiliate

Ejunkie Also a good place to get shoping carts for your products.

ClickbankAlso a great place to find digital products to promote.

Linkshare–  Have a ton of things to participate as an affiliate.


Keeping up with your Site’s Stats

ClickyTracks the Traffic of your blog in Real Time. 

Google Analysis Tracks the traffic of your Blog



Darren Rowse(ProBlogger) – It is a reason they say this guy is the King of Blogging.  These books are simply amazing and powerful Stuff.

31 Days to Build a Better Blog

Problogger’s guide to your 1st week of Blogging

Blogwise~ How to do more with Less