Things to do in Atlanta on Wednesday


Things to do in Atlanta on Wednesday!!!




736 Ponce De Leon NE

A very diverse club with multiple dance rooms and djs.

There is so many different flavors of music here

All Cash


Salse Lessons – Tongue and Groove

565 main St NE


Im not sure if you ever had salsa lessons before but it’s a blast.

 Club opens after dance lessons

Tacos – Pozole

1044 Greenwood Ave

Virginia Highlands

You also have other options in the Virginia Highlands

Wednesday is a great day to enjoy a lot of the outdoor opportunities  Atlanta has to offer!


More great options

Take some fun classes in Atlanta such as

Yoga classes, Cooking Classes, etc.

Go on some tours around Atlanta such as

Local tours, helicopter tours, movie tours, etc.


Outdoor Atlanta

Jogging Trails

Parks in Atlanta

Bicycling and Bicycle rentals

Lakes Beaches in Atlanta

Places to go fishing




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