What Is Triberr? – Kenny’s Guide to Triberr

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Triberr is a social community that connects bloggers.

It’s truly a one of a kind social platform for bloggers of all subject matters.
Triberr is a blogger’s community that specializes in distribution of content across social media networks.
A Network of Networks
The networks or groups are called tribes.
The number of members in each tribe will depend on the type of membership you have.
Types of Memberships
Free Membership
With the free membership you…
You can own up to 3 Tribes
Each Tribe can have 30 members
You are allowed 2 RSS feeds
You can share 14 post per week
You are allowed up to 100 approvals
Prime Lite Membership
You can have up to 7 tribes.
Each tribe can have 50 members
You are allowed 4 RSS feeds.
You can share 28 posts per week.
You are allowed 120 approvals.
Prime Lite Membership is $10 a month
Prime Membership
Why I like the Prime Membership
I feel like you really get the bang for your buck.  I personally have the Prime Membership.
You are allowed up to 12 Tribes, so you can really   be creative with the Tribe choices.
You can have up to 75 members per Tribe.
You get 49 posts per week, which is more than       enough to get your content to the masses.
You are allowed 140 approvals
You can auto share 100 of your Tribe mates
You get an Atomic Tribe that can have up to 500     members.
$40.00 a Month

Kenny’s Guide to Understanding Triberr


Table of Contents

What is Triberr

How does Triberr Work

How to Set Up Triberr

How does Triberr Work
Good Things To Know
How to Get Into The Tribes You Want
How to Attract People to Your Tribe
How To Get More Invites
How To Increase Your Triberr Reach
How To Be Active In Multiple Tribes
How To Get More Content Shared
How To Make Money On Triberr


Kenny’s Guide to Understanding Triberr

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