I won by Losing!!!

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I won by Losing


Never give up!


I don’t know of many of you know but I entered a contest to be the social media reporter for a radio station.



Why I say I don’t give up.


This contest was only for a concert.


What I got???


Well I will do a post after everything is finalized.


Let’s just say I received a way better opportunity than one concert.


You never know what’s out there until you try.


I have been doing multiple posts on using your failures for success.


If you want it… It’s out there.


Go and get it.


This was just a quick post to all of you great people who voted and asked if I won.


I guess the real answer is yes.


Thanks for all of your support.


The attention from the multiple social networks is what got me the attention I need to land this major opportunity.


Thank you so much.