Build It! Part 3 – Create Profitable Blog

If You Don’t Build It,


No One will come!


Build It


I already know what you’re 



How do I know?


Because it was my main concern! 


Building a blog is one of the main concerns for everyone.


My thoughts were, I’m not with all this HTML crap. 


This is a main reason you should go with a WordPress blog platform. You can either get a free theme or buy one.   I found the WooTheme very easy to navigate.

Now all I had to do is customize it.


When you build a blog with WordPress, you can use a lot of the free plugins. 

So far so good, I haven’t paid for a plugin yet and my site looks great. (well I think so) 

Whatever platform you choose to build your blog through, make sure you can find tutorials. 


Time Management

You want to take your time but don’t spend too much time on building. 

Remember you can add as you go. 

It may not be perfect, but that’s perfectly fine.

Your main focus should be on content.



Some of the best sites are the most simple sites. 

Keep it Simple

Try not to use a lot of clashing colors, unless that is the look and feel that you want to display. 

If possible stay within 2-4 main colors. 

Remember you want readers to be focused on your content not all of the distractions from lights, flashes, and busyness of a page.


Start out Simple but build as you go

Keep Content first.

Think about the different designs and things you want on your blog.  Many times there are plugins you can use, so you don’t have to spend too much time building.


I’m sure when they were building Rome,
they started simple first. 


Kenny’s Honorable Mention

BlueHost– The best place to start a blog.

WordPress– The best blog platform

Taking your time but
not too much time to build your blog

Focusing On Content



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