Jobs in Atlanta

I will constantly update this section with any and every job opportunity that comes my way.

I will also put you in touch with recruiters as well as temp services.






Key factors for attracting the attention of companies.


Perfect your resume-  A bad resume can get you a no before you ever get a chance for an interview.




Join LinkedIn – Connect on LinkedIn with people that can help you.  Ask if they have any connections to whatever company or job you are interested in.

Feel free to connect with me.  I have over 27,000 connections, so I know there is someone I can connect you with to help you.


Clean up your Facebook – Another sure way to get automatically denied by your employer.


Good sites to visit for Jobs




Career Builder


Word of mouth is another great source.

Dont be afraid to ask friends for job leads.

If they do not know, ask them to give you 5 names of people who might have some information.


Facebook – Hell, you get on here for everything else, why not for a job.

Send a mass message to all friends and ask if they know of anyone who is hiring.  If they dont know also ask them to send you 5 people who might be able to help you.


I will have my more tips coming your way for job hunting.




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