Make Money Blogging

Money blogging

Time To Make Some Money!!!!!

The part you’ve been waiting for, How to make money from your Blog!

 This is mainly going to depend on the type of blog you have. 

If you have a heavy content site than you might want to use ad services like Google Adsense .

 Be careful with over doing it with ad.  
People, even you, run from SPAM sites!

It can be a real turn off to your visitors. 

If choose to use ads place them around your content or in a way that is not intruding. 

The placement is Key

I have seen great placement of ads throughout post to where the content was still keep first.



A Little Note!!!

People read from Top to Bottom, Left to right, so some ad hot spots for me in the past have been anything toward the top left.  I’ve also done well with the middle of the page for some reason.

Important Fact to Remember 

You don’t want any competing ads on your top performing profit pages.


Make Money with Affiliate Products

Promote products you believe in, not just what’s going to pay you the most money.

You can go to   LinkShare is a great free place to find affiliates to promote.


Make Money selling products you create!
CreateSpace is a great place to go to create things such as books to sell on Amazon.

Make Money selling Ebooks!
Write an eBook and sell it on your Blog


There are many ways to make money from your Blog.  The amount of traffic to your Blog will be a large factor on how much money you make.


Dont Quit!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don’t quit too early, remember Rome was not Built over night. 

Your consistency will determine your outcome.


Kenny’s Honorable Mention

Linkshare– (IT’s FREE) A great place to find products to advertise

Personal Products– Make Money selling your own products.

EBooks– Make money selling eBooks from your site.

Never Give Up– Success comes most often after giant failures.


Keeping it Legal

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