Pinterest Tips ~ More Pinterest Followers

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Pinterest Tips ~ More Pinterest Followers
Follow to be Followed?
This concept has been used on almost every social media platform to get more followers, likes, pluses, whatever.
So How can you use this concept in a creative way on Pinterest?
Create Favorite Boards
For Example
Favorite Bloggers
Favorite Pinterest People
People love to be recognized, honored, or praised.
Make a picture that says exactly what you think they are.

In the comment section for that picture be sure to @ whoever you add.
This will allow that pin to show up in the home feed of the pinner you are adding to the picture.
Also invite them to be a pinner on the board.  In the description of the board, stated this board is only for adding your favorite pinners or pins and only 3 to 5 pins a day.  You want to make sure its not spammed.
You can include information on how to be added as a pinner. You can say something like email me @… or comment on …pin to be added.
One pin or pin board going viral can bring tons of traffic to your blog.  The overall goal is for you board to go viral.  You also want to be followed by some of your favorite pinners.
It’s a great chance they will follow you back.  Imagine seeing your name added to a board that says “favorite bloggers” or “favorite pinners”, you would be more likely to follow them back.

Stay tuned in for more Pinterest Tips!!!!

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