Top 10 Presentation Sharing Sites!

Top 10 Presentation Sharing Sites!
Presentation sharing sites are very underrated.
They are a great source to bring Traffic to your website.
I receive more views and traffic from my presentations than I do most of my videos.
If you look at some of my YouTube Videos you will see few views on some of the videos but on presentation sites, that same video will have thousands of views.
In my onion Slideshare is the best. Hands Down!!!!!!!!!
Top 10 Presentation Sharing Sites!


Kenny’s Off the Subject Great Finds


Logan Browning–                            

An Old friend of mine who is killin’it in the Acting Game right now.. he co-starred in the feature film, “Bratz: The Movie”,  had a great role on the TV series on “Meet the Browns”,  is currently co-starring on the new VH1 drama, “Hit the Floor”, and is set to appear in the feature film, “Breaking at the Edge”.  But What most don?t know about this truly Beautiful young woman is her determination.  I remember having a conversation with her when I was moving to Atlanta and she was leaving college and I was just so impressed with how determine she was to be the best.  Great Job Logan.


One of those great girls I let slip away during my younger and dumber years.. Kicking myself right now. But anyway.  She is on her way as well to making some major moves!  The greatest thing about her is that she is truly if not more Beautiful on the inside than she is on the out and that is very hard with this beautiful Woman.– This is a really cool find.  Brian does a great job spreading the love with many new and upcoming Artist.  Very Great Pictures and Write Ups.  Its positive and Inspirational.  Im really feeling this Site.–  This is very cool.  I like her concept. This is a very great blog.  I found some really good information for authors and people wanting to publish and market books.  
Lucypireel– A great blog to follow.  Lucy is a novelist and writer of short fiction.  
LiveFreeLiveRich– A great blog that is geared toward entrepreneurs.  
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