Kenny’s Triberr Guide ~ Good Things to Know

Good Things to Know


Manually Importing Post


If you ever have to manually submit a post….

Go to Setting


Go To Blog Settings


Click Manually Import




Changing your Profile Picture

Triberr is connected to your Twitter account so whenever you update your profile on Twitter, it will automatically update it on Triberr.

It could take some time to change or update on Triberr.


Accepting Invites

Click the Tribes button, located on the top navigation bar.

All new invitations will appear on the left side of the page.

You are presented with 2 options.

Accept or Decline

I personally accept all invites, but that is solely up to you.

The more places I can share my content, the better the chances of getting visitors to my blog.

The downside to that is interaction with each tribe, but I will tell you some tips and tricks later in the book on ways to stay active in multiple tribes.



Be very careful with commenting. The owners want to make sure comments aren’t short and meaningless. If it is perceived as a spam comment, it could land you in a trip to Triberr jail which will revoke your ability to use the comment feature.

How big is Triberr you ask???

– Over 50,000 tribes with over 2 million visits to the blogs from Triberrers per month.