Think It! Part 1 – Create Profitable Blog

Think It


Creating the name for your blog


You want to chose a name that is not to long but still an “attention grabber”.  I would say to gear your name around the theme of your blog.  But if you have a great name, Go with it.  My blog is no theme to that.  I mean it sounds good to me (Lol).   But there really is a reason I chose  I wanted personal branding.  If your idea is taken, be creative pick a great name and just add your theme to your website.  For Example I wanted Learn How From Scratch.  It was taken.  Instead of being like Scratch that idea, I figured out a way to use my theme of my blog with my name. 

 You will see me reference to BlueHost a lot as a tool because it truly helped me  create a great Blog.


Choosing The Right “Thing” To Blog About


All because you blog about money don’t mean you will make it.  I know firsthand.  My very first website I built all I talked about was how to make money with this or how to make money with that.  That wasn’t a bad thing but I was writing only the things and only in ways (posting affiliates everywhere) I thought would make money.  Noooooope it didn’t work.  The movie lied to me.  I built it and they did not come.. But when I changed from writing to make money (to many affiliates), to truly writing to educate on how to make money, the dollars started rolling in.  (I started writing from my passion of making money)


The trick to finding the right thing to write about for your blog is simple.  You want to really choose something you can blog about with passion or at least of decent interest.  Trust me, if you not interested your viewers won’t be either.  Choose a topic or concept you are good in.  If you are not good with that topic yet, you can still choose it.  As long as it’s something you have a passion in, you will become good with it. If you believe it, you will get it.  We will talk about belief in detail later in the Believe It section. 


Think Like A Big Girl


I know A Big Girl (no people she goes by A Big Girl, I?m not being mean) who’s writes about losing weight, diets, health and fitness.  Her readers love her.  Not because she is the most health and fit but because she writes great content and other medium or lager people can relate.  When she tells how she lost 1 pound, her readers go nuts!


Why ?


Because they can feel her passion through her content. Lets be real we relate better to people who were in the current situation we are in now, and got results. 


Why ?


Because it’s easier to tell our brains it’s possible.  We will talk about learning how to think and believe the impossible.  It sounds weird to say but the Impossible is Possible.  I was told it was not possible to get the results I wanted by being so spread out among topics.(from a creditable source)  I wanted to blog about my personal favorite things which are Laughing, Inspiring, talking about real life issues, blogging, and oh my goodness Social Media.  I had the hardest time choosing which one to blog about so I chose all of them. (LOL) I was like forget that.  This is what I thought, believed and knew would be great for my blog.  And it paid off.  Very Well.  No matter what topic you choose to blog about, If you Love it and Believe in it, It will do well.


Your Thoughts are Power


Kenny’s Honorable Mentioned

BlueHostThe best place to Setup your Blog

Start A Blog that Matters– A really good source to help you set up a blog that truly matters from start(setup) to finish(making money)

Choosing the right name– Take your time and think it through.  If you Like It, Love it, then pick it and roll with it!

Choosing what to blog about – Blog about something you have a passion or interest in. 

Thoughts Are Power– Some great books to get your thoughts inline are Think and Grow Rich and the Secret. 


Now that this Car is in Drive, Let’s find a place to Park It. 

 But before you Park,


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